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Jaime Meet Jaime

Getting ready for another take
Crew setting up a shot for a short film

Short Film | 2024

"Jaime Meet Jaime" follows the journey of a young man named Jaime who grapples with loneliness after his best friend moves away. In his solitude, he discovers companionship in an unexpected place: a new AI model also named Jaime. Through their interactions, Jaime finds solace and joy in their budding friendship, enjoying weeks filled with laughter and shared experiences. However, as their bond deepens, Jaime begins to realize that while the AI companion offers comfort, it cannot fully replace the human connection he longs for. The film delicately explores themes of companionship, technology, and the irreplaceable value of human relationships in an increasingly digital world.

Poster for the short film Jaime Meet Jaime
Scene from the film "Jaime Meet Jaime"

Coming Soon!

Poster for the short film" Money Bag"

Money Bag 

Short Film | 2023

In "Money Bag," viewers experience the adrenaline-fueled chaos of a convenience store robbery through the unique perspective of the bag used to stash the stolen cash. As the robbers plunge into the heist, the bag becomes witness to their desperation, tension, and fleeting moments of recklessness. Through fast-paced sequences and intense action, the film explores the raw emotions and high stakes involved in the criminal underworld, all encapsulated within the confines of this seemingly ordinary object.

Behind the scenes of a short film

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