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The ReelView

ReelView Productions was founded in April 2020, but the story of

ReelView began much earlier. 

Performing silly skits and videos in his best friend's backyard growing up, this is where Cody, the visionary behind ReelView, discovered his love for storytelling, film, and directing. 


From humble beginnings making short films about a Cowboy named Stan with his childhood friends to working on award-winning feature-length films in college, Cody's production experience grew and his passion for it turned into ReelView Productions.

Be sure to call Cody to learn if ReelView Productions is right for telling your story and/or capturing your event...and if you need a laugh, ask for the story of Cowboy Stan!

Meet the Team

The ReelView team may be small, but we make up for it with an abundance of talent. Each member brings multiple skills to all phases of the production process.

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