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The ReelView

ReelView Productions began in April 2020 following a pandemic-style wedding but the story of ReelView began back in 2010 with a short film called Cowboy Stan.

Made in his best friend's backyard, this is where Cody, the talent and visionary behind ReelView, discovered his love for storytelling, film, and capturing pictures. 


From making short films about a silly Cowboy named Stan with his childhood friends to working on award-winning feature-length films in college to being the last minute photographer at his sister's wedding, Cody's photography and videography experience grew and his passion for it turned into ReelView Productions.

Be sure to call Cody to learn if ReelView is right for telling your story and/or capturing your event...and if you need a laugh, ask for the story of Cowboy Stan!

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Owner, Photographer, Videographer

(325) 242-2388

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Assistant and Marketing

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